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Fortuitous Contemplation (4/4)

Title: Fortuitous Contemplation
Pairing: Abby/Kate
Rating: Adult
Summary: Kate and Abby are the best of friends, but what will happen when one of them starts thinking of the other in a different light?
Disclaimer: Definitely not mine.

(1/4) , (2/4) , (3/4)



“Yes, it was you.”

She felt, more than heard, the hitch in Abby’s breathing, and wanted desperately to know what she was thinking. Had she just lost her best friend?

Oh, no! What did I do?! Even the idea made her feel like crying.

She could feel tears building up behind her eyelids, threatening to slip out and onto her reddened cheeks. The silence was killing her.

That’s when she felt it.

The hand on her belly pressed lightly against her, almost tentatively, before moving up her ribs at a maddeningly slow pace. She shuddered, releasing a sigh that sounded more like a relieved chuckle as another ripple of arousal thrummed wildly through her veins. Her eyes squeezed shut as the hint of a smile curved her mouth, two salty tears rolling down her face.

Abby’s fingers just barely skimmed the underside of her breast, making the spot that she touched tingle long after she’d already made her way up her arm, over her shoulder, and along her neck until she had her fingers weaved through her hair; turning her head toward her own.

“Do you want me to kiss you?” She asked softly.

Kate couldn’t believe this was happening. Had it really just been a few hours ago that she’d first felt this attraction? Did she actually want to go through with this?

She felt herself nod without giving it a second thought, almost like someone had taken over her body and done it for her. She needed to feel her, even if it was just once.

I really hope that we don’t regret this...

Abby’s bang covered forehead crept closer until it was resting against her own, her heart beating a tiny bit faster in her chest as nervousness set in. This was it. She could feel warm breath against her mouth, nose rubbing teasingly along hers, before she finally tipped her head and their lips touched.

It was intoxicating.

They were softer than she expected; much different from kissing a man, even a clean shaven one. She felt Abby’s fingers tighten slightly against her scalp as she ran her tongue gently along her bottom lip, testing the waters. And, then, she pulled back.

She was only a fraction of an inch away, but Kate already longed to feel her again.

“Is this okay?” She asked, lips brushing over hers as she spoke.

“Most definitely.”

Kate smiled as she leaned forward and kissed her again. Taking the lead this time, she opened her mouth and probed past Abby’s lips, moaning when their tongues touched for the first time.

Her whole body was humming.

She turned to her side and wrapped an arm around her, their kisses becoming more eager when she felt a finger slide under the bottom of her tank top, tickling her as the garment was pushed up to just underneath her breasts.

The hand slid teasingly back and forth down to her hip, where Abby pulled her forward, bringing the thigh that was still between her legs grinding into her groin.

Breaking the kiss she shrieked and bucked forward, startled by the move. The Goth giggled and softly pushed on her shoulder, making her lie halfway onto her back as she began kissing along her jaw, nipping at her ear in just the spot that made her melt, and then suckling down her neck. She moaned at the lazy suction that was being applied just above her collar bone, endorphins rushing through her as Abby nipped at the little section of skin; tongue laving the purplish spot that she'd created. She was sure that she’d have more than a hickey or two to hide in the morning.

She'll definitely pay for that later!

Kate’s hands were everywhere, down her back, under her shirt, over her boy-short covered ass; not sure what she was supposed to be doing but hoping that she was doing it right. Abby moaned as she squeezed the back of her leg, right at the hem of her panties, and she took a chance by laying back completely flat so that she could pull her companion on top of her, making sure to bend her knee so that they were both straddling each other’s thigh.

She immediately pressed herself up against the other woman's lanky body, black skull panties damp and warm on her skin as Abby's back arched and she moaned her name.

Kate grinned. She definitely wanted to hear that again.

The brunette’s hands slid along cotton-covered arms, strategically avoiding her friends breasts as she pulled her face back up to hers to meet her in a sloppy kiss.

Abby didn’t seem to object, in fact she began grinding against her in a slow, rewarding, rhythm, making Kate mewl in approval. She basked in the sensation, desire pooling at her center as their need grew, a gasp slipping from her with every well angled thrust.

More skin. She thought fervently. Need to feel more skin.

Her fingers slid down to the buttons on the sexiest damn dress shirt that she’d ever seen, and slid it off of Abby’s shoulders once she’d slipped the last little piece of plastic from its hole, letting it fall off of the bed and onto the floor nearby.

She was beautiful.

Kate sat up and Abby followed. One of her palms slid up the girl’s toned stomach, cupping one of the breasts that she’d been fantasizing about, both women moaning into the other’s mouth as she circled her nipple and rolled it between her fingers.

She felt fingers run through her hair, gently tugging her head back, lips leaving her own in favor for her cheek, jaw, neck, and back up to her ear.

“If we don’t get naked soon,” Abby joked, her voice huskier than usual. “I think I’m going to explode!”

Kate laughed and reached back to draw her shirt over her head. “Better?”

She watched as the girl's brow rose, blushing when her eyes lingered on her exposed chest; pliant fingers pushing the agent back down against the soft sheets. “Lay back and relax.”

She frowned in confusion as she saw a mischievous grin on Abby’s face. Before she could process her head had bent, dark hair spilling against her ribs as lips wrapped around one of her nipples, flicking it with her tongue. Her muscles twitched, jaw clenching as she rocked her hips, the friction of the soaked material only frustrating her more each time she moved.

“Off…” She groaned.

Abby leaned back, releasing her with a soft pop as she palmed her other tit, looking at her with amusement. “Well, I suppose. Since you asked so nicely and all.”

Kate would have laughed if she weren’t so desperate. Her appreciation for humor was long gone. The need to cum had completely taken over her mind.

She began throbbing with anticipation as sure hands parted her thighs, warm kisses being placed down her stomach. Abby’s fingers slid under the elastic boxers and she lifted her hips to make it easier for them to be pulled down.

Normally she was shy the first time with a new partner, but she hadn’t been allowed any time for that. One hand was already brushing over her curls, the other skimming up her thigh as a warm body settled between her legs.

Abby’s fingers parted her labia, and she groaned deep in the back of her throat when a stream of cool air blew teasingly against her. Lips and tongue explored her folds, all the way to her opening and back up, driving her crazy when the bundle of nerves swollen and throbbing right in front of her were ignored.

She was so close to cumming she wanted to scream!

A whimper slipped from her as Abby almost brought her to the edge, and then, to her dismay, slowed down. She was going to go crazy! Her breathing became erratic, skin flushing, fists gripping the blankets, before her torturer finally took pity on her; two fingers pushing into her wetness, thrusting in and out.

That’s just what she needed, something solid and alive.

It felt so good.

That familiar burning coil of desire tightened in her stomach, and she could feel herself clenching around the fingers inside her. She needed more.

“Touch yourself, Kate.”

She did as she was told, pulling on her nipples just hard enough to send sparks of sensation straight to her sex. The distraction proving to be just enough, so that when Abby finally sucked her clit between her lips and curled her fingers forward, sending her tumbling blindly over the edge, it was a complete surprise.

Kate eyes flew open before them slamming them shut again, wailing and screaming Abby’s name at the top of her lungs as she came. Her head thrashed back and forth, hips thrusting toward her mouth as internal muscles rippled with pleasure.

Holy shit! She thought. Her chest heaved as she struggled for breath, twitches of pleasure shooting through her with each lick as she was tenderly brought down from her high.

“Why the fuck-” she wheezed, “haven’t you done- that to me before?”

Abby laughed as she removed her fingers and slithered her way back up Kate’s body, dropping a kiss on her sternum, and then onto her lips.

“You liked I take it?”

Kate reached up and hauled her back down, assaulting her mouth as she drove her tongue inside, tasting herself in every corner of the dark cavern. She finally released her with a few small pecks and relaxed into the bed completely spent, smiling dreamily up at her friend.

“That answer your question?”

“Just about.” She smirked. “I’ve still got the magic touch.”

“I’ll say you do.”

Yawning, Abby rolled off of her and snuggled into her side, pulling the blankets around them. The DVD had already shut itself off and the screen had turned black, leaving them in complete darkness, save for the street light streaming in through the blinds.

So much for movie night…

“Abbs,” Kate’s brow furrowed, her hand rubbing little circles on the girls back as she suddenly remembering that she hadn’t reciprocated. “what about you?”

“Don’t worry about it. All first-timers get a freebie.” She yawned again and grinned cheekily up at her. “Besides, that’s what the morning is for.”


Thank you so much to everyone who's left me feedback over the past few days! *huggles you all* I hope that you enjoyed it!

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