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The Important Stuff

For anything and everything relating to the NCIS ship Kate/Abby. Discussion, icons, fanfic, manipulations, screencaps, banners etc. are all welcome.

1) Stay on topic... mostly - It's a Kate/Abby community, so at least have your posts relate to Kate or Abby (or Sasha or Pauley) in some way. There are other communities for general NCIS discussion and other NCIS ships.
2) Play nice - Be considerate! If your post contains pictures, spoilers, or just a lot of text, use an LJ-cut. Don't be mean to people when you write posts or comments.

Useful Links:
Post to the community - Anyone with an LJ can post to this community. You do not need to be a member.
Search the community - A third-party site that will search public posts to the community.
The List - The list of all the Kate/Abby stuff on the Internet that we can find. AKA: Pretty much the whole reason this community exists.

announcements - Posts announcing new fic/communities/ficathons related to the community.
canon - Discussion of Kate/Abby in NCIS canon.
fic - Fic that has been posted to the community.
important - The Big Important Posts.
themed lists - Lists of Kate/Abby fics that fall into a theme. (eg: the holiday season)
updates - Posts listing new fics on the list.

NCIS Links:
Paramount Televisions' NCIS Site - Episode guide, character bios etc.
CBS's NCIS Site - Character bios, pictures, videos, etc.'s NCIS Site - Episode guide, pictures, news, etc.

Shannon's Stories - Fanfic, videos, Season 1 screencaps, etc.
NCIS Fanfiction Archive - Fanfic.
The Tenth Muse1's Fanfic - Fanfic, videos.
Passion & Perfection - Fanfic.
The Wonderful World of Make-Believe: Navy NCIS - Fanfic.
Fanfiction.Net: NCIS - Fanfic. (Yes. I know. The Pit.)

Actors and Characters
Pauley Perrette's Official Site - Official site, includes blog.
Pauley Perrette Online - Pauley Fansite

Other NCIS-related LJ Communities:
ncis - NCIS
navy_ncis - Navy NCIS
ncis_canon - NCIS canon
ncis_caps - NCIS screencaps
ncis_mpreg - NCIS mpreg
ncis_slash - NCIS slash
ncisepisodes - NCIS episodes
weliketwilight - For those who liked the episode Twilight
ncis_diaries - NCIS diaries
ncis_weekly - Weekly newsletter

ncisfanfic - NCIS fanfic
bad_ncis_fics - Mocking the Bad NCIS Fics of the world
navyncisfic - NCIS fanfic
ncis_awards - NCIS fanfic awards
ncis_w_ffchall - NCIS World Fanfic Challenge
ncis_drabble - NCIS drabbles
ncis_tinsel - NCIS holiday fic exchange
nciskink - NCIS kink fic

bravo_zulu - NCIS icon contest
ncis_challenge - NCIS icon contest
ncis_icons - NCIS icons
ncishush - Textless NCIS icons

Actors and Characters
pauleyp_fans - Pauley Perrette
sasha_ncis - Sasha Alexander
_duckaholics_ - Dr Donald "Ducky" Mallard
mw_daily - Daily Michael Weatherly photos
harmon_daily - Daily Mark Harmon photos

_kibbs - Kate/Gibbs
uncommon_love - Gibbs/Abby
tony_kate - Tony/Kate
ncis_gibbsducky - Gibbs/Ducky
tony_abby - Tony/Abby

Please comment with anything that should be added to the link lists. :)
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