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The Masterlist

This community was set up as the result of an LJ comment conversation between crashcart9 and I. We both love the ship and were bemoaning the lack of fic out there. Then crashcart9 said:

Ya know, somebody should start a site. Just to archive or at least link all the Abby/Kate stories. Just for an official list.

This is that list. Go, read, review.

(Additions to the list are announced on the group every week or so. New items from the last announcement, as well as any added since then, are marked NEW!. I have tried to mark NC-17 fics clearly, but fics may have fallen through the cracks. Please note this, whether you're trying to find them or avoid them. Sorted by title.)

The Masterlist
"A Girl with a Fish and a Smile" by Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson
Kate thinks about her relationship with Abby as she tries to retrieve some photos.

"A Hazy Shade of Winter" by Geonn
Kate and Tony are stranded in the truck during a snowstorm.

"A Simple Gold Crucifix" by jennukes
Everything was still Abby, but her appearance, even her attitude, was muted now.

"A Somber Christmas" by opium_lips
NC-17 Abby can't stop thinking about Kate at a Christmas party. When she tries to leave drunk, Ziva is forced to restrain her. (Also contains Abby/Ziva.)

"A Study in Cerulean" by Geonn
Two women and the sea, as observed by a silent witness.

"Abby Sciuto's Fingerprints" by Geonn
NC-17 Abby and Kate mix baking with fun and games.

"Abs in the Fall" by Geonn
Kate remembers her favorite drawing.

"Accepted" by Kez
Kate takes Abby home to the Todd's for Christmas.

"Adoption" by ???
The agency finally has a baby for Abby and Kate.

"After Interest and Inflation" by Geonn
She's not impatient, but... how long should she be expected to wait?

"Agent in Red" by Geonn
Abby thinks it's Kate's best color.

"All Things Cold" by Revanche
On the aftermath and atonement. Post "Left for Dead."

"And It's Beginning to Snow" by Anna
In the eternal fight between sleep and late-night fun in the snow, snow always wins.

"Answering You" by Allie Summers
"So... ask me anything..." Kate levelled, settling next to Abby.

"Because You Can" by Geonn
She wasn't born deaf; she knew music.

"Beyond the Pale" by Geonn
A Navy deserter, a five-year-old corpse in Philadelphia and a homicide in Vancouver, British Columbia, all come together in one bizarre case. (Crossover: NCIS/Da Vinci's Inquest/Cold Case)

"Bigger than a Thistle Bush" by Geonn
Abby's being sneaky... Ducky is reluctantly along for the ride.

"Birthday Present" by Shannon
Kate is not having a very good birthday.

"Boop" by Geonn
Abby goes searching; Kate gets revenge.

"Boys of Summer" by Geonn
The bases are loaded, NCIS vs. the FBI... and two players are AWOL from the diamond.

"Broken" by AJV
Suddenly, in this light, she's not invincible either.

"Brown-Bagging" by Geonn
Ducky's heart is in the right place... really, it is...

"Call Waiting" by ncruuk
"Abby didn't need to look up from her screen to know that someone had entered her labs, nor to know who it was. There was only one person who could sneek up on her like that."

"Challenge #45" by Keith
Post-Twilight AU: After being hit by Ari's bullet Kate dies, only to come back to life.

"Chicken" by nevcolleil
"You're chicken."

"Christmas Together" by Allie Summers
Kate and Abby spend Christmas together...

"Circling Maturity, Approaching Clearance" by Geonn
Kate and Tony are stuck in a holding pattern. Literally.

"Cliché, Yet Trite" by Geonn
Kate wants to say it. She just doesn't want to say that.

"Commitment" by The Tenth Muse
NC-17 Kate and Abby discuss commitment and things just go from there.

"Copper" by Geonn
NC-17 Death, life and beyond.

"Deluge" by Geonn
Benefits of getting wet.

"Desperado" by Geonn
The discovery of a century-old body on Quantico prompts Kate to have bizarre dreams...

"Details" by Vicki
The revision of the bat drawing.

"Dexterity" by Geonn
Kate teaches Abby chopsticks.

"Different Roads" by Geonn
The team investigates when a petty officer is found with his throat slashed. (One story, told from four different points-of-view. You can read the story from any character's point-of-view. Click on Gibbs, you follow Gibbs through the case. Click on Tony, see Tony's version of events. The team section is a more standard story and plays more like an episode, moving back and forth from one POV to another. All versions contain the entire case, but not all of them have the same subplots.)
- Gibbs' Point of View
- Tony's Point of View
- Abby & Kate's Point of View
- The Team's Point of View

"Drabble 190" by Rositamia
""Do you think they know?""

"Drabble 192" by Rositamia
"Kate fidgeted with her bouquet, watching as Abby walked towards her."

"Dreadful Sorry, Caitlin Todd" by Geonn
A case of mistaken identity may become fatal for Kate.

"Drying Out" by Allie Summers
"Show me yours and I’ll show you mine..."

"Dust Storms Parts I and II" by Sabine
Rating: L for Licking, comma, Homosexual and Heterosexual. (Other parts contain other ships, Part II also contains Abby/Tony.)

"Even After" by Geonn
Kate fears her first nightmare.

"Every Man's Fantasy" by Azar
Abby and Kate have a little fun with Tony.

"Exhausted" by Callie Johnston
Craving sleep and time together.

"Exothermic" by Grace
NC-17 Kate... Abby... flirtation & eventually crossing the forbidden frontier of... yes.

"Experimenting" by kerlin
""So, what now?" Kate leaned over Abby's shoulder, just a whisper too close."

"Exploring in a Thunderstorm" by Geonn
Kate and Abby explore during a thunderstorm.

"Eyes" by Geonn
Reasons why Kate couldn't kill Ari.

"Falling in Love" by Allie Summers
Abby hadn't realised she was falling in love with Kate. Not until far too late.

"Faster" by Geonn
Abby drives. Kate is driven.

"Feeding the Ducks" by Geonn
Gibbs sticks up for Abby when another lab casts doubt on her work... but Abby thinks someone else is to blame for the team's recent problems.

"Fighting Vainly, the Old Ennui" by Geonn
Abby offends Kate and goes to extremes to make it up to her.

"Fill in the Blank" by Geonn
Tony ponders what shape would fill that dimple...

"Five Kisses Part II" by skripka
Kissing means something. (Parts I, III, IV and V are McGee/Abby, Kate/Tony, Tony/Gibbs and Gibbs/Abby, respectively.)

"Fortuitous Contemplation" by serenitymeimei
Kate and Abby are the best of friends, but what will happen when one of them starts thinking of the other in a different light?

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 NC-17

"From Caterpillars into Rare Butterflies" by Geonn
The fruition of a weeks-long surveillance...

"Fun" by clare_dragonfly
Tony is a perv. Abby is not.

"Further on Down the Road" by Geonn
Towns passing by the window...

Geonn's Series
I. Baby Steps
1) "Filters Are for Coffee"
Kate gets to know Abby during her first day at NCIS.
2) "Elevator Conference"
Revelations in the conference room.
3) "Holy Water"
Bless me, Father, for I have...
4) "Johnnie Walker Wisdom"
NC-17 Drinking, dancing and dangerous levels of alcohol.

II. The Corruption of Caitlin
1) "Jesus in a Pacer"
"It's the inside that counts."
2) "A Little Lipstick"
It's just a little lipstick...
3) "Typing One-Handed"
NC-17 Eavesdropping on a chat session.
4) "Moon Over..."
Kate gets a tat and no, it is not a rose.
5) "The Goth Who Came to Dinner"
Kate tries to hide her relationship with Abby from her visiting parents.
6) "God in the Machine"
Where Abby believes God can be found.

III. Broken
1) "Along Came Tim"
Kate and Abby meet Timothy McGee.
2) "Lonely Nights"
Never on the same day.

"Get on Up and Testify" by Geonn
Abby plays dress-up; Kate has a surprise addition to the ensemble.

"Girls' Night In" by abby_forever
What happened after the boys left in Doppelgänger.

"Good Girls Don't" by Geonn
NC-17 Kate has a morning alone.

"Good Kisser" by Thought
Because playing with people's minds is the highlight of her life.

"Grand Theft DiNozzo" by Geonn
The team goes on alert when Tony goes missing. (Also some Kate/Tony.)

"Graze" by Geonn
What a difference twelve inches make... (AU - The events of Kill Ari (Parts I and II) if Kate had survived.)
Part I
Part II

"Grieve" by The Tenth Muse
The team grieves in their own ways.

"Happy Anniversary" by Allie Summers
Abby and Kate have a special date...

"Hell Bent for Leather" by Geonn
When Kate has to go undercover, Abby steps in to help her fit the bill.

"Holding Out for a Hero" by Allie Summers
Kate had moved as Ari shot, causing the bullet to go into her shoulder. She was unconscious but alive.

"Home at Last" by Allie Summers
Kate and Abby still had separate homes even now... 3 years into their relationship.

"Howe's Bayou" by Geonn
Abby's reminiscing has ulterior motives.

"I'd Confused My Feelings with the Truth" by Allie Summers
Abby mourns Kate. (Also Jenny/Ziva.)

"If Only We..." by Allie Summers
Love me for me... Abby loses hope and Kate returns it to her...

"I Had a Dream" by gillians_gal
"I'm not her type. I know that. She's all leather, spikes and fishnet, and I'm more or less straight laced, conventional, boring. But that doesn’t stop me wanting her, even if I am too afraid to say anything.

"I'm a Woman in Love" by Allie Summers
Kate arrives at work sporting a black eye... what happened?

"In My Secret Life" by Geonn
The NCIS team investigates the death of a Navy lieutenant and soon discover the man's well-hidden secret life.

"In Violation" by Vicki
It had been a hard month for Abby.

"Just a Little Morning Debauchery" by hobbit_feet
They have ten minutes before work and Kate thinks they shouldn't be doing this.

"Just a Peach" by The Tenth Muse
Abby watches Kate eat a peach.

"Kate Watches Abby" by Joanne Collins
There are many ways in which Kate watches Abby.

"Keep Moving" by Rainne NEW!
Sometimes all you can do is run from the pain.

"Kissed a Girl" by Caitrin Torres
Kate thinks back to the events of a school dance.

"Let Me Sleep..." by Allie Summers
Kate's not well and the pain becomes too much... can Abby soothe her?

"Life, Scrambled" by Geonn
Kate gets served breakfast in bed... scrambled eggs, with a side of good ol' Catholic guilt.

"Like the Rain" by Geonn
Thunderstorms are the hardest.

"Look to the Future" by Allie Summers
Abby didn't want to face a future without Kate...

"Lose Yourself" by Geonn
"Lose control, let go, fall... I'll catch you."

"Lost in your Life..." by Allie Summers
Kate finds it hard to be strong... Abby finds a way to support her...

"Maggie" by Geonn
Kate receives bad news and reminisces to Abby.

"Memories" by ncis_freakkate88
Post-Twilight, Abby remembers the times she had with Kate.

"Men's Room" by The Tenth Muse
Kate's never really been in the men's room, outside of a crime scene.

"My Beautiful Wife" by Allie Summers
Abby/Kate Wedding… Nuff Said.

"My Very Sweet Companion" by Geonn
NC-17 Kate's jealousy leads somewhere unexpected. (JAG Crossover. Also contains Abby/Kate/Sarah MacKenzie.)

"Never Ever Ever" by Geonn
Abby never cries...

"New Year's Kiss" by abby_forever
What happens when Abby demands a New Year's kiss from Kate.

"Nine Years Old Today" by Geonn
Kate tries to figure something out.

"Not All Presents Are Under the Tree" by The Tenth Muse
Christmas shmoop of the most appalling nature. (Also Tony/Gibbs.)

"Old Time Since" by Geonn
New Years Eve is vastly overrated...

"One of those Days" by sadisticferret
This is Kate and Abby's routine during those kinds of days.

"Only Horses and Men" by Geonn
Abby doubts herself and forensics. Kate is having none of it.

"Orange You Glad?" by Geonn
A new twist on an old joke.

"Part of the Team" by Lyceum
Ziva wants to know why she's not part of the team, Abby clears it up for her.

"Paying Penance" by sadisticferret
NC-17 Kate and Abby damn themselves to Hell in this jolly romp. Sacrilege was never so much fun!

"Pen and Ink" by Geonn
NC-17 Abby finds Kate's secret stash...

"Perpetual Buzz" by Geonn
How Abby copes.

"Platter" by Geonn
NC-17 Kate explores another one of Abby's kinks.

"Pranks" by Caitrin Torres
Tony was expecting Abby to pull another prank...

"Pre-Dawn" by Geonn
I read the news today, oh boy...

"Prettiest Green Eyes Anywhere" by Geonn
Why has Kate only drawn caricatures of Abby?

"Pretty Early in the Morning" by Geonn
While investigating a case, Gibbs discovers something about one of his agents.

"Pushing Forward" by Allie Summers
Kate finds pleasure in every small thing Abby does for her...

"Recuperation" by Perpetual Motion
Abby is feeling a bit under the weather.

"Red Salamander Part i: fire in leaf and grass" by voleuse
It's close to midnight, and the office is almost empty, though Gibbs can hear movement in the hallways above. (Parts ii-vi are Kate/Tony)

"Reflections" by Allie Summers
Abby has missed Kate...

"Safe Words" by Geonn
NC-17 The investigation into a bondage-related death leads NCIS to a dominatrix.

"Sangria" by Revanche
In which Abby tries to help and makes a mistake.

"Safe in the Arms of Love" by Allie Summers
Kate finds a way to celebrate Abby’s birthday... just the two of them.

"SBC" by Geonn
Kate grieves for someone she never knew.

"Seeing with New Eyes" by Cayliss NEW!
Abby has a bad day.

"So Fast" by Rainne NEW!
NC-17 It all happened so fast.

"Something for the Weekend" by Geonn
Kate packed something a little naughty for the spa weekend...

"Something Hinky" by Allie Summers
Gibbs had officially had enough now. (Also Gibbs/Ducky and Jenny/Ziva.)

"Some Things Bosses Just Don't Need to Know" by Rainne NEW!

"Body Shots" by Rainne NEW!
This conversation got out of control fast. (Follow up to "Some Things Bosses Just Don't Need to Know".)

"Feeling Suicidal" by Rainne NEW!
NC-17 The night before the morning after, or, how exactly DID Kate and Abby end up in Garfield Park?

"Sometimes You Walk by the Good Ones..." by Allie Summers
Kate and Abby have a row and it forces Kate to remember her past...

"Sorry, Kate" by Geonn
The aftermath of "Left for Dead."

"Splish Splash" by faeriegrrrl23
NC-17 Kate is away, and Abby can't stop thinking about her.

"Storm" by Caitrin Torres
Abby hated violent storms.

"Swing Vote" by Geonn
Kate and Abby discuss the first time.

"Switch" by Rainne NEW!
Oh – that was quick.

"Symmetry" by Allie Summers
They had symmetry...

"Tattoo" by Kez
"You show me yours, I'll show you mine."

"Tears" by neejchee
Without Cate, she couldn’t feel anything. (Also Abby/Ziva.)

"Thank You, Kate" by Kez
Abby visits Kate's grave. (Also Abby/Ziva.)

"Thankful for Your Kiss" by Geonn
Kate gives thanks.

"Thanksgiving" by abbys_gal
"It was the best Thanksgiving ever. I mean, emotionally it was terrible, but the turkey was so moist."

"The Bodyguard" by Geonn
Kate stands watch after Abby is threatened.

"The Christmas Guest" by Geonn
Kate decides loneliness is overrated.

"The Closest Thing..." by Allie Summers
How can misery feel so sweet? Abby feels lonely until she finds her usual bar... and a surprise from Kate.

"The Fairest of them All" by Geonn
Kate doesn't have a magic mirror. But then again, she doesn't need one.

"The Gothese Falcon" by Geonn
"It was a dark and stormy night, raindrops cascading down the window like clichés shot out of a cannon..."

"The Gun Under Her Pillow" by Geonn
NC-17 Abby makes a discovery and Kate has to re-earn her trust.

"The Long View" by The Tenth Muse
Abby takes the long-view about her feelings for Kate.

"The Man Behind the Curtain" by Geonn
While the team is on-board a ship to investigate a crime, Tony overhears something he shouldn't have...

"The Non-Holiday Card" by Geonn
Tony warns Kate of a no-go zone with her new coworkers.

"The Other Woman" by Geonn
NC-17 "Sometimes I want a little normal. Sometimes I want to be on top. Sometimes... I want to be in charge." (Also Paula/Kate.)

"The Scent of Morning" by Geonn
What wakes Kate in the morning.

"The Sound and the Fury" by Geonn
...Signifying everything.

"The Special Agent, the Goth and the Baby" by Geonn
Kate has to go above and beyond for her protection detail.

"The Weekend Series" by The Tenth Muse
1) "Opening Night"
NC-17 Abby takes Kate on a walk to the wild side.
2) "The Next Morning"
NC-17 Kate discovers a part of herself she never knew existed and Abby helps her deal.
3) "Going Out"
NC-17 Abby shows off Kate to some friends.
4) "Going Home"
NC-17 Abby takes her baby girl home.

"Therapy" by The Tenth Muse
Kate finally gives Abby the words she wants to hear and finds it to be the best therapy of all.

"Therapy" by thenewhope
Shopping has always been Kate's favored form of therapy.

"There Are Dreamers..." by Allie Summers
...who don't believe in time.

"There's an Art to Falling Down" by Geonn
How do you know where to put your trust?

"Things that Go Bump in the Night" by Caitrin Torres
Kate knows more than she's telling. (SG-1 Crossover)

"This Love" by Allie Summers
Abby and Kate declare their love...

"Three and a Half Dates, Two Bottles of Wine and a Lucky Cat Tee Shirt" by skripka
It's not like they're doing anything more than dance around each other.

"Three Blind Mice" by Geonn
A mysterious letter leads Gibbs on a cat-and-mouse game that may cost his agents their lives.

"'Til Spring" by Geonn
Kate receives bad news from an unlikely source.

"Tonight Will Be Fire" by Geonn
The first six weeks of Kate and Abby's relationship coincides with the spree of a serial arsonist.

"Total Sensory Immersion" by Vicki
Kate's relationship with Abby is full of the colour black.

"Trial by Fire" by Geonn
Why Abby filled out the application.

"Trouble" by The Tenth Muse
NC-17 Abby gets herself into trouble and Kate decides to take her in hand.

"Truth or Dare" by kylielee1000
Kate, Abby, Tony, and Tim play a game of truth or dare.

"Twilight, Redux" by The Tenth Muse
An alternate set of events for the Season 2 Finale.

"Two Hearts" by Settiai
When Abby heard the news, she felt her heart shatter.

"Under Arcadia" by Geonn
Several Naval officers go missing from the same housing edition, leading Gibbs to believe someone is targeting gays in the military. (Also Kate/Paula.)

"Unusual Valentine" by Caitrin Torres
Kate tries to get it right.

"Up All Night" by deannie
"It wasn't a party Kate would normally have found herself at, but Abby had called, and given the case they were working on, Kate was more than ready to take a break."

"Vessel" by rainsquall NEW!
In our weariness, tears cannot find their way out of us. Abby mourns

"Walkabout" by Geonn
Abby asks Kate to accompany her to Australia to find a missing friend.

"We Used to Be Friends" by Waffle
She didn't go to many clubs, mainly because she didn’t really have time to listen to music but for some reason she was in a club.

"What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?" by Allie Summers
Abby says goodbye to Kate...

"When She's Gone" by Allie Summers
Abby sighed as she watched Kate sleep.

"When the Witnesses Are Gone" by Geonn
"Let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone."

"When You Say Nothing..." by Allie Summers
Abby finds Kate understanding...

"Who Names Their Kid Harrison?" by Geonn
Tony discovers the truth about "Harrison."

"Wicked Little High" by Geonn
Kate and Abby work out, but Abby is easily distracted.

"With Benefits" by Geonn
"Haven't you ever slept with a friend?"

"With Flair" by Allie Summers
Abby is Kate's muse.

"You Just Need a Little Faith" by neejchee
NC-17 A girl's night in watching Buffy DVDs on the Plasma screen - What more could you want? Cate is curious...

"Your Questions" by Allie Summers
Abby never stops asking questions...

"You said “Broken pieces don’t mend” I say, I say to think again..." by Allie Summers
Kate and Abby loose Gibbs... when Kate pulls away from Abby what can Abby do to get her back?

Other Stuff
Fan Art
Abby & Kate by opium_lips
Using a screencap from Shannon.

"Empathy" (+ Base) and "Friendship" by raindroproses.
"Abby and Kate" by thenewhope.
Two from Kill Ari (Part I) by beforethesun (icons 22 and 23).
"Lost Without Her", found in use by janeontoast.
Icons 34 and 49 by titelala.
"Only Dead in Reality", found in use by darerca_jane.
"My Fandom Has Chemistry" by ctorres.

Kate/Abby Manip by crashcart9
Using screencaps from Shannon.

"You Look like Rain" by Shannon
Some Kate/Abby moments from the show, set to the song by Morphine.

Fic Requirements
1) Basic grasp of English. We're not asking for perfection, but if it gets in the way of the reader enjoying the story we won't list it.
2) It has to be a Kate/Abby fic. It's what people are here to read, after all. We understand that this line can be surprisingly hard to draw, so we err on the side of caution

Did I Miss Something?
I'm hoping I did, because it means more fic to read! ;) Anyway, if you know of something that isn't listed then comment with a link and any extra information you feel like including.

New additions to The List will be marked NEW! and will be announced in a post to the community.

Mistakes, Dead Links, Comments, Questions, &c.
Just comment and we'll figure it out together. :)
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  • The Important Stuff

    For anything and everything relating to the NCIS ship Kate/Abby. Discussion, icons, fanfic, manipulations, screencaps, banners etc. are all welcome.…

  • FIC: I kissed a Girl (P-13)

    Title: I Kissed A Girl Author: Schattentaenzerin/lillian_raven Warning: femslash, a little bit AU Rating: PG-13 Summary: This…

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