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For anything and everything relating to the NCIS ship Kate/Abby. Discussion, icons, fanfic, manipulations, screencaps, banners etc. are all welcome.

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The List of Kate/Abby Fic
This list contains every Kate/Abby fic we've been able to find online, plus a few other bits and pieces we've turned up. Updates are announced in posts to the community.

announcements - Posts announcing new fic/communities/ficathons related to the community.
canon - Discussion of Kate/Abby in NCIS canon.
fic - Fic that has been posted to the community.
important - The Big Important Posts.
themed lists - Lists of Kate/Abby fics that fall into a theme. (eg: the holiday season)
updates - Posts listing new fics on the list.

A Post Full of Useful Links
This post houses links to other NCIS websites and LJ communities, as well as the links, tags and rules listed here on the userinfo page.

1) Stay on topic... mostly - It's a Kate/Abby community, so at least have your posts relate to Kate or Abby (or Sasha or Pauley) in some way. There are other communities for general NCIS discussion and other NCIS ships.
2) Play nice - Be considerate! If your post contains pictures, spoilers, or just a lot of text, use an LJ-cut. Don't be mean to people when you write posts or comments.

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